Giving Flight To a Social Entrepreneurship Venture With Project Aipan

Knowing how crucial it is to be associated with some renowned societies in college, I joined Enactus IPCW’s Project Sashakt in the very first year of its inception and have loved every moment of this roller coaster ride. Though initially we started with a vague idea of what we were supposed to do, since taking up revival of the Aipan art form, we have worked with a clear focus and dedication.

I personally have learned a lot ever since I have been associated with the project since 2014 – be it mentoring sessions with KPMG, drawing designs (even though I am horrible at art!), reading up on the significance of motifs, or just visiting and talking to the aunties in Timarpur to know more about the fascinating culture of Kumaon!

Aipan Art

Aipan Art

Project Aipan does not include only revival of this dying artform but is also a means to empower our target community of Kumaoni women in Delhi (living in Timarpur). We intend to collaborate with other art journals and platforms in the city to ensure that the art form is noticed and employment can be generated for the women, thereby empowering them and making them self-sufficient.

In the beginning, we had more of the downs than some of the positive ups. I really started doubting whether what we were doing was worthwhile at all or not. But once we saw the zeal and talent of these Kumaoni women (Asha Aunty is a gem of a person and a real find for our design team), we went ahead with full steam.

Over the last year, the entire team has bonded well and everyone is really fitting into their assigned roles. We are working towards making our project well-known in the University, and then in the country too. Slowly but steadily, we are gaining momentum. Social Entrepreneurship Flight Mode : ON!

Anukti Sethi 
Enactus IPCW


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